You did it!  Congratulations on reaching your senior year.  At the very beginning of your senior year, your counselor will meet with you one-on-one to discuss your future plans and to make sure that you are staying on track to graduate in May. 

Please remember, if at any time you have a questions regarding college/scholarship information please make an appointment with your school counselor.

Senior Year:

  1. Monitor your school email for information from your counselor!

  2. Confirm you meet the core requirements for the colleges you are interested in attending

  3. Take/Re-take ACT/SAT by December

  4. Sign up for the college representatives who visit North High (sign-up sheets in Counseling Office)

  5. Visit colleges campuses before applying (if possible)

  6. Apply to all schools you are considering – be aware of each school's deadline for scholarship eligibility

  7. Establish a contact person at each school, typically this is an admissions counselor

  8. Apply for your FSA ID ( This is required prior to filing the FAFSA

  9. Start your FAFSA – October 1

  10. Visit the websites of colleges to which you are applying to investigate other potential scholarship opportunities (Departmental, President’s, etc.)

  11. At least once per month visit North High’s website​

    1. Review scholarship information; pay attention to application deadlines!

  12. Narrow choices to a few schools, but always have more than one choice

  13. Monitor your email for any correspondence from colleges and respond promptly.  Once you receive an acceptance letter, please bring it to the counseling office and show Mrs. Loesche so that she can make your locker sign.

  14. Consider financial aid offers and notify colleges if you are/are not attending

  15. Meet with Mrs. Loesche to finalize where your final transcript should be sent  

    1. Contact MO Baptist and/or UMSL to request your college credit transcript be sent to the college you are attending in the fall

    2. Confirm your AP scores have been sent to college you are attending in the fall

Are you interested in playing sports in college?  Click here for an informational packet on signing up with the NCAA/NAIA.

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