Can you believe it?  You're halfway through high school.  You are now considered an upperclassman and before you know it, you will be walking across the stage to receive your high school diploma.  As mentioned before, every year of high school is important but your junior year is HUGE! This year is typically filled with challenging classes and some of you may even have your own job when not in school. This is also an important time for keeping up with your grades. For those of you who will be heading off to college after high school, it's time to start thinking about where you would like to go.  

*  Your counselor will meet with you one-on-one to discuss important topics that pertain to your junior year.

*  It's time to get serious about the college admissions timeline.

The Admission Timeline

If at any time you have a questions regarding college/scholarship information please make an appointment with your school counselor.

Junior Year:

  1. Develop a list of 5-7 schools you will research

  2. Research admission requirements and scholarship programs for each of these schools​

  3. Make sure you will meet core requirements for the college you want to attend

  4. Take the ACT in spring – (www.act.org)

    1. Once at North High during the school day (this typically happens in April)

    2. One other time if possible

  5. Sign up for the college representatives who visit North High starting second semester (sign up sheet in Counseling Office)

  6. Attend local college fairs

  7. Visit websites for scholarships that you could apply for as a junior (fastweb.com)

  8. Begin visiting college campuses (Spring of junior year and summer after junior year)​

Are you interested in playing sports in college?  Click here for an informational packet on signing up with the NCAA/NAIA.

SCOIR is here!

Fort Zumwalt North is pleased to announce that we have implemented a new college guidance management system called Scoir (pronounced "score"). This new, modern online system will streamline the process of requesting, processing, sending and tracking the electronic delivery of all application-related documents. More importantly, it's much more helpful for students and parents during the college search and selection process. On Scoir, colleges come to life through pictures, videos and links that highlight active student clubs and organizations. This better enables students to identify colleges that are a good fit with their personal and academic interests, which increases college retention. Scoir also provides parents with useful financial calculators so you can determine the likely cost of attendance at different colleges and consider the affordability when deciding where to apply. These features, along with more convenient scheduling and communication tools, will help keep everyone informed and engaged throughout the college application process. Scoir exists to help more students achieve more positive outcomes, and we're excited that our students have access to this system and the opportunities it provides.  


Click on the logo to take you to their website.
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